Batland.de has been around for over 7 years now and is the direct successor of mipsel.dyndns.org. This site has been used or even misused for almost anything during this time - articles, mirror, code hosting, blog, general dump place. Now I have just made another remake to structure all this in one place and to use it as a knowledge and documentation place about the things I am currently working on.

As I am currently quite busy, I'll merge more and more of the old content to the new site during the next couple weeks and month. Additionally, I'll have already created a section for IT forensic articles. This section will be populated pretty soon as well.

 So what can you expect here?

  • In the Forensics section you can find blog like article to computer forensic stuff that I write about - my experiences on some matters, opinions about software, technology and trends or self-written tools. Feel free to comment.
  • The section Photos - the successor of photos.batland.de - is strictly devoted to my photography. The photos cover everything except human beings because I believe in privacy and anonymity of the web. Furthermore, I don't believe in Photoshop. So all the photos you see are not edited, except for converting a photo from color to black & white.
  • The Blog is a general dump place for any IT or non-it related articles or thoughts that I post. The language of the articles will be mainly English but they may be in German as well.
  • Last but not least under the Code section you can find all my self-written tools and programs. Basically this is re incarnation of code.batland.de - currently closed due to security issues.

Enjoy your stay.